Eliminate your facial blemishes

Do you also have facial blemishes that nothing can remove?

In this book you will find an in-depth explanation of your problem and detailed care guidelines so that you can start a depigmentation routine on your own to improve your facial blemishes.

Mockup of the facial blemish book

Story of a patient with melasma

In my 30s, my skin changed! Dark spots appeared and no matter what creams I bought at the drugstore, my skin looked horrible. So I started using foundation to mask my uneven skin tone. But I didn't like wearing so much makeup and felt that the overall effect made me look much older. I also looked for other natural options or home remedies on the internet, but my blemishes kept getting worse. 

Before and after treatment of melasma in a female patient

Then, I got help with Dr. Podlipnik and my skin changed. First we did a personalized treatment with creams and I read this book on facial blemishes where I understood my problem. I finally understood what was happening to me. After a few months, my skin had improved a lot. Now, I just follow the guidelines indicated by the doctor in the book with very good results. 

Of course, I also bathe in sunscreen and have a collection of hats to avoid year-round sun exposure. 

About the author

Sebastian Podlipnik dermatologist barcelona, aesthetics and lasers

Dr. Sebastian Podlipnik is an example of the new generation of international dermatologists with innovative training. He is passionate about research, has written more than 80 scientific articles and has received more than fifteen awards for his research. He has completed his studies at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and is a doctor with mention Cum Laude of the University of Barcelona.

He is the founder of dermatology blog sebastianpodlipnik.com that attracts thousands of monthly readers. 

He currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain and enjoys crossfit, surfing and skiing with his partner and friends. 

Start taking care of yourself!

If you are here, it is probably because you have already tried many facial creams but without adequate results. This book is an invitation for you to join many of my patients who already understand what is wrong with their skin and can act proactively to eliminate facial blemishes.

Treated patients

In this book I will discuss some success stories, such as the ones you will see below, and we will see how they have achieved a good aesthetic result that is maintained over time.


Mild melasma or facial blemishes in treatment with creams

Solar lentils

Facial blemishes with lentigines plus facial melasma in a patient showing a before and after picture

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation


˝A very didactic, illustrative and affordable book, as the author comments in his intention; it promotes patient education to treat the conditions that cause skin blemishes and how to achieve the maintenance of healthy skin. Additionally the book presents charts with uses and guidelines for the different creams and routines. I enjoyed it very much, highly recommended."
"A practical and up-to-date material. An accessible guide for patients, but one that more than one specialist will want to read."
Dr. Pablo Viglione

What will you find in the book?


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