Sebastian Podlipnik dermatologist barcelona, aesthetics and lasers

Dr. Sebastian Podlipnik

English-speaking Dermatologist

As a dermatologist in Barcelona, my goal is to provide you with personalized, comprehensive and high quality care to maintain and improve the health of your skin.

I am a English-speaking dermatologist in Barcelona, specialist in skin cancer, laser technologies and longevity, focused on the prevention of skin aging.

My name is Sebastian Podlipnik and I am English-speaking Dermatologist in Barcelona. I consider myself to be one of the new generation of international dermatologists with innovative training in the use of state-of-the-art minimally invasive technologies to maximize my patients' results. I am currently working in the melanoma unit of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and in the clinic Diagnosis Dermatologica. I have always believed that in order to achieve the highest standard of care for my patients it is important to research, learn, apply and persevere.

How can I help you?

Learn about state-of-the-art techniques to prevent skin cancer or, in case it occurs, to have the possibility of curative treatment.

Discover how laser technology can solve various dermatological pathologies such as facial blemishes, scars and rosacea, among others.

Start taking care of yourself and get a healthy skin through the latest techniques in aesthetic dermatology.

Sebastian Podlipnik dermatologist barcelona


Why am I a different dermatologist?

Over the years I have helped many patients like you with their dermatological problems to maintain healthy skin. For me, the basis of the doctor-patient relationship is trust. I will always listen to your concerns thoroughly, answer your questions and give you a personalized and definitive solution. In addition, I will always accompany you throughout the therapeutic process looking for you to achieve the best possible result. 

In addition, I am passionate about new technologies and artificial intelligence. For this reason, you will see that I have the most advanced equipment to perform your diagnosis, follow-up and treatment.

My main values as a dermatologist are defined as hard-working, honest, innovative, decisive, clear and approachable.

Sebastian Podlipnik

What do my patients say?

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The treatment and professionalism could not be better, he solved all my doubts with patience and kindness.
Excellent choice!
Always with an exceptional professional ethic that generates trust and allows the patient to be happy with the results. 
The doctor was professional and very kind. He explained all the treatment options and told me which one would be the best in my case.

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I currently work in the center Diagnosis Dermatologica together with dermatologists who are world leaders in their field. Here we have a number of advanced diagnostic techniques, such as the method of digital dermoscopic follow-up currently implemented worldwide. Together with my colleagues we develop multiple research projects in dermatology in order to keep improving our patient care every day.

Endorsed by multiple medical and scientific societies

English-speaking dermatologist in Barcelona

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