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My philosophy

My philosophy is based on a responsible aesthetic dermatology always offering the most effective and long lasting treatments adapted to each patient. As a dermatologist I will not only focus on a one-time facial rejuvenation treatment, but on designing a long-term strategy to keep your skin healthy. 

You already know that aging is an inevitable process but prevention and early treatment of the first signs of aging will be key to keeping your skin healthy. 

Sebastian Podlipnik posing in a blue coat. He is an expert dermatologist in skin cancer, aesthetics and laser in Barcelona.
Young patient seeking facial rejuvenation

25 years

The first signs of aging begin to appear. The skin begins to thin, loses elasticity and the first wrinkles begin to form.

Mature patient seeking facial rejuvenation

45 years

The skin continues to thin and becomes less firm and radiant. Facial contours, including the cheekbones, become less defined. Forehead wrinkles and crow's feet become more prominent.

Elderly woman consulting for facial rejuvenation treatment

65 years old

Facial contours lose volume, the skin becomes more lax and thinner, more defined wrinkles appear on the forehead, around the mouth and eyes. Skin spots also tend to appear.

Customized strategy for
facial rejuvenation

The fundamental pillars to achieve your goals in aesthetic dermatology depend on an individualized assessment, agreeing with you on the best treatment and planning an adequate maintenance treatment.



An individualized assessment is always required to establish priorities for treatment based on your age and specific signs of aging.



Depending on your expectations and the needs of your skin, we will make a specific and individualized treatment.



Once your treatment is completed, we will find the best way to maintain it over time so that you can continue to improve constantly.

Facial rejuvenation

See some clinical cases

Below you can find some patient cases with their before and after images. Each case requires a different treatment depending on your needs.

Dynamic wrinkles

Browse through the images to see the changes
Botox facial rejuvenation beforeBotox facial rejuvenation after

First signs of aging

Treatment of crow's feet in a young patient who wanted to improve his tired appearance

Happy patient days before botox applicationHappy patient days after botox application

Improve that tired look

Initial treatment of crow's feet and eye opening improving tired face

Rejuvenation with botulinum toxinRejuvenation with botulinum toxin

Facial rejuvenation

Global treatment of a 60-year-old patient improving dynamic wrinkles and recovering facial volume.

Loss of volume

Browse through the images to see the changes
Recovery of the facial oval with hyaluronic acidRecovery of the facial oval with hyaluronic acid

Improve that tired look

Initial treatment of crow's feet and eye opening improving tired face

Hyaluronic acid filler for the rejuvenation of the back of the hands.Hyaluronic acid filler for the rejuvenation of the back of the hands.
Restore hand volume

One site that is frequently affected by chronic sun damage is the back of the hands. 

Middle-aged woman before facial hyaluronic acid treatmentMiddle-aged woman after hyaluronic acid facial treatment

Recovering lost volume

With aging, it is normal to lose facial volume, which manifests itself in skin laxity.

Chronic sun damage

Browse through the images to see the changes
Patient before undergoing hyaluronic acid fillers and laser photorejuvenation.Patient after having hyaluronic acid fillers and laser photorejuvenation.

Facial rejuvenation

The chronic sun damage will manifest as facial blotchinesssuperficial wrinkles and skin thinning. By means of different techniques we can achieve very good aesthetic results.

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