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dr. Sebastian podlipnik

Sebastian Podlipnik dermatologist, aesthetics and laser in barcelona

Who am I?

I am a dermatologist and cum laude MD and author of multiple research studies. I specialize in skin cancer, laser technologies and cosmetic dermatology. The intention of this blog is to bring you closer to topics of interest in dermatology and research.

Why write a dermatology blog?

Physicians are responsible for educating and providing reliable information to improve the health of our community. The Internet is full of information that is of low quality and without scientific backing.. In recent studies we have seen how the content shared on social media is inaccurate, confusing and written by non-physicians.Ref 

For these reasons I have decided to start this dermatology blog. and to be able to reach out to more people to share quality, up-to-date and scientifically backed content.. In addition, I have recently launched a book for patients on how to remove facial blemishes

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