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We tend to completely ignoring our skin until it gives us problems. But then it's all-out war. Skin care and relentless problem areas leave us dismayed and fed up. Finding the right beauty routine can be more frustrating than online dating. That's why I decided to write this article to recommend you the best books for skin care

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I always insist to my patients that the most important thing in the care of our skin is prevention. If we protect ourselves from a young age, we can prevent our skin from aging and staining so quickly. Or even prevent skin cancer in the future.   

The big problem is that, although we are highly motivated to protect and care for our skin, we have no reliable information on which to base our behaviors. The Internet is full of information that is misleading, unreliable or clearly intended for marketing purposes. 

For the dermatologists the education of our patients is fundamental, because in the end it will be you who will have to do the home care routines. Unfortunately, in the practice sometimes time is limited and we cannot explain as much as we would like to. That is why together with other colleagues we made the decision to writing books on skin carewhich allow us to reach many more people. 

Understanding what is going on in your skin will allow you to perform prevention and care guidelines that will significantly improve your skin. That's why I leave you with this guide to the best books on skin care.


Below you will find my selection of must-have skin care books. All of them are written by leading dermatological professionalsThe real skin specialists, who share their secrets and care routines in an open and honest way. In addition, they explain perfectly the mechanisms by which our skin is damaged and what we can do to prevent it. 

Rather than treating your skin like the enemy, these books will help you take better care of your skin and feel really good about it.. They will also help you simplify your daily routine so you can save time and money.

Skin care books


I have recently written this book for patients suffering from facial blemishes. This book will give you the basic knowledge so you can understand what is happening to you. It will help you generate specific care routines so you can start taking care of yourself and change your skin for a real transformation.


Dr. Whitney Bowe is an internationally renowned dermatologist and researcher. In this book she presents for the first time the connection between a healthy gut and radiant skin, with a 21-day program to maximize skin health and beauty.


My dear colleague and dermatologist, Dr. Andrea Combalia, presents in this book Piel sana in corpore sano many practical tips for healthy, beautiful and radiant skin.


In her book, as informative as it is entertaining, the well-known dermatologist Yael Adler delves into our skin and explains everything we want to know about it. With great enthusiasm she tells us why sex makes you beautiful, men don't have cellulite and why there is a lot of "brains" in our skin.


The world is totally digitalized and quality information with scientific rigor is scarce. In this didactic book Dr. Lorea Bagazgoitia shows us with scientific bases how you should protect yourself from bad habits and beliefs without scientific bases. 


In this book the renowned Dr. Ricardo Ruiz teaches us in a rigorous way how to improve our skin. In it he shows us which things really work and which are just marketing and have no scientific evidence. 

Final words on skin care books

Undoubtedly understanding what is going on in your skin will give you the ability to act proactively to age in the best possible way. I constantly see in my practice how those patients who take effective care of themselves have very different skin than people their own age. 

These skin care books will give you tools so that you too can effectively take care of your skin, prevent skin aging and prevent skin cancer. 

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