The best Dermatologist in Barcelona How to choose one?

Choosing the best dermatologist in Barcelona can seem like a challenging and overwhelming task, especially when you are faced with numerous options and advertisements on Google. It is understandable that, in the midst of this avalanche of information, you may feel distrustful and doubtful about who is the right dermatologist to solve your skin problems.

But don't worry! In this blog, I want to share with you the most important aspects that I consider as a dermatologist so that you can make an informed and reliable decision. From my professional perspective, I will guide you through the key elements to consider when choosing the specialist that perfectly fits your needs. 

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What will I talk about in this article?

Sound education and training

When you have to trust someone to take care of your skin, there is nothing more important than ensuring the dermatologist's training. Education and academic achievement are the first point to consider when choosing the best dermatologist in Barcelona. 

Look for professionals who: 

  • Have a specialization in dermatology recognized by accredited institutions
  • Participation in continuing education programs
  • Attendance and lectures at conferences and congresses 
  • Make a contribution to the medical research
Solid education and training ensure that as dermatologists we are up to date with the latest advances in the field, which is crucial to providing you with quality, evidence-based care.



  1. Check the doctor's Linkedin profile to see his training and specialization.
  2. Check his professional social networks to assess whether he attends medical congresses and conferences.

Check the specialty of the dermatologist you will visit in the registry of registered physicians in Barcelona.

Although it may seem crazy it is crucial to verify the credentials of the dermatology specialist.Unfortunately, there is a problem of labor intrusion in Spain and many people without the specialty pose as dermatologists. 

For this reason, the The Barcelona Medical Association has made available the page of the registry of registered physicians of Barcelona where you can check the doctor's specialty. It is very easy to check: 


Step 1: Find your doctor

Register of registered doctors to find the best dermatologist in barcelona

Step 2: review your specialty

Register of registered physicians

Reputation by peers

I will tell you one of the most important secrets for me: other doctors know who is really good! 

So, if you have the opportunity, ask about the reputation of a dermatologist among our professional peers. Our dermatology colleagues are often familiar with our work, professional ethics and level of experience. By obtaining references and opinions from other medical professionals, you can get a more solid idea of the quality of care we can provide. 

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Have a specialist in the problem you are suffering from

Today the trend in medicine is to sub-specialize, and you'll find that dermatologists do too. At by choosing a dermatologist who specializes in your specific problem, you can be confident that you are receiving expert, personalized care. you need to effectively address your dermatological problems.


  1. Check the doctor's website and see what his sub-specialty is.
  2. Check out their social networks 

Updated knowledge

Ensuring that the dermatologist has up-to-date knowledge is critical. Medicine and dermatology are constantly evolving, with new treatments, technologies and approaches emerging on a regular basis. 

It is crucial to stay abreast of the most recent advances in our field and participate in continuing education programs. This ensures that we are using the most current and effective techniques and therapies to address your dermatologic needs. 



  1. Check out the research profiles of this doctor
    1. See the researcher profile at
    2. See the publications he has made in

Excellent communication skills

Effective and empathic communication is essential to establish a good doctor-patient relationship. A A good dermatologist will excel in listening attentively to patients, explaining diagnoses and treatments in an understandable manner, and responding to patients' questions and concerns in a clear and respectful manner. 

For this point you can also look at the doctor's social networks or his YouTube channel and see if you like how he explains the problems. 

State-of-the-art technologies

Dermatology is in constant evolution, and The use of state-of-the-art equipment and technology can make a difference in diagnosis and treatment results. Look for a dermatologist who keeps up with the latest innovations and invests in cutting-edge technology to offer you the best in skin care. 

From advanced lasers and devices to non-invasive techniques incorporating artificial intelligence, the use of cutting-edge technologies can improve the accuracy, efficacy and comfort of dermatological treatments.

Sensitivity and empathy

This is possibly one of the most important points as a medical professional. Putting yourself in the patient's shoes and understanding that dermatologic diseases can have a significant emotional impact on patients is critical. Being able to show empathy and sensitivity to patients' concerns and emotions is an essential quality in providing comprehensive care.



You can indirectly look at the comments that the dermatologist has on Google My Business  and see what patients have to say.

Multidisciplinary collaboration with other specialists

Dermatology is interrelated with other medical specialties and collaborating with other medical specialists when necessary is very important to provide comprehensive care to patients. This includes working as a team with other healthcare professionals to ensure the best possible outcome. Therefore, if a specialist also works in a reference hospital in Barcelona, he/she may be in contact with many specialists in other specialties. 

Reputation and references

Reputation and referrals are a reflection of the quality of care a dermatologist provides. The best dermatologist in Barcelona will be noted for having a solid reputation and receiving positive referrals from satisfied patients. This demonstrates their ability to deliver successful results and a high level of patient satisfaction.


To assess this point, you can always look at the dermatologist's comments in Google My Business (more reliable than other platforms as negative comments are not filtered out).

In conclusion, how to choose the best dermatologist in Barcelona?

Choosing the best dermatologist in Barcelona requires time, research and consideration. It is important to look for a professional with a solid educational background, verifiable credentials and up-to-date knowledge. 

Also, don't forget to consult the references and opinions of other medical professionalsas well as the experiences of previous patients. Remember that trust and comfort with your dermatologist are critical to establishing a long-term quality care relationship. Your skin is a valuable organ and deserves the best possible care. 

In case of doubt, call the dermatologist's office and ask if the dermatologist has experience in treating the specific areas of concern. 

Do you think I missed a point? Feel free to comment below. 


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